Still Life: Beyoga

Beyoga’s location in Montparnasse predisposed me to liking it: its street, rue Campagne-Première, is reknown for the many studios and ateliers occupied by fantastically creative twentieth century painters, photographers, composers and writers: Eugène Atget (No. 17 bis), Man Ray (No. 31), Marcel Duchamp (No. 29), Kiki de Montparnasse (No. 29), Érik Satie (No. 29), Yves Klein (No. 14), Patti Smith (No. 9)… To subsequently learn that Beyoga (situated at No. 17) was the former atelier of Isadora Duncan? Well then, I just about tossed my yoga pants aside in favor of diaphanous Grecian tunics! While I’m not sure those would be the most practical tenue for downward-facing dog, I do love thinking about the connection that my body’s movements might have to the past, and how each expressive stretch of my fingers and toes might simply be art history rippling through them.

You can’t miss Beyoga when you wander down the little cobbled alley: its pippin green door and pretty tree give way to a bright reception area that is, more often than not, presided over by the totally adorable and friendly Grégoire who makes everyone feel welcomed.

If you’ve ever wanted to live in the 14e to play out your Lost Generation/Années Folles fantasies, now you can do so without endangering your liver or your sanity ;)