9-13 juin, 2016 Retraite : Yoga + Walking in Lot-et-Garonne

“In every walk in nature, one receives more than he seeks.” —John Muir 

Come discover something new with Little French Retreat’s founder, chef and yoga teacher Tamsin Chubb. With nature as our guide, we take mindful steps and breathe to connect inwardly, gaining greater self-awareness and integrating our internal and external landscape to become one.

With our morning yoga practice to set the intentions for our day, we set off in the aftenroons, initially walking in silence, to slow down and let our thoughts be. Leaving them behind in hedgerows as we tread that various tracks of Montesquieu and meander through medieval villages along the way.

This weekend is suitable for all levels, and anyone who enjoys yoga, nature and wants to slow down and rest. With hearty wholesome meals, comfy beds for a good night’s sleep and relaxed company, you will soon feel revived and refreshed from time spent in this peaceful soothing part of Southwest France.

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Capacity: 6 shared twin rooms, optional double beds for couples (on request)

QUAND/WHEN Jeudi 9 juin-lundi 13 juin, 2016 (4 jours/4 nuits)

OÙ/WHERE Little French Retreat, 47130 Montesquieu

£425 (deposit of £150 required)

For more information, email info@littlefrenchretreat.com

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