13-19 juillet, 2015 Retraite : LuxYoga Forrest + Vinyasa Yoga in Côte d’Azur

Practice gratitude, receive grace. When you acknowledge what's good, when you say thanks, you give energy back to the source. It's giving and getting all at once without all the grasping and straining.  The circle continues and support is everywhere. Over time, the practice of gratitude turns effort into grace. Learn to bring the very feeling of of living well into your cell tissues to manifest the essence of positivity in all facets of your life. This is not just some new-agey speech. You will hone the very skill of using feelings to develop intelligence so as to create opportunities and space in both practice and life. More than just enjoying a sumptuous week in the South of France with amazing cuisine and personalized luxury, this retreat is about planting the seeds of a beautiful life, ripping out the weeds at their roots, and growing from the good essence of your Spirit. Grace, above all, is connection to Spirit, to the best and most creative and strongest and softest part of you. You will explore how the acts of asana and gratitude may create a state of grace, and how that state of grace is truly a reservoir into which you can dip your cup long after your retreat has ended. 

This retreat represents the second annual collaboration between Erica Mather, one of a select few Forrest Yoga Guardians worldwide, and Benjamin Sears, founder of LUXYOGA We came together to do this because we both love the cerebral aspects of practice and can talk for hours about theory yet stand in awe of the powers of feeling and Spirit. Join us for a special blend of therapeutically crafted Vinyasa classes, deeply healing Forrest Yoga, Pranayama, and intention setting practices. Expect to be challenged in a safe space by teachers who care more about you than the poses but also love to get sweaty and deep. Kindred Spirits, unite in the South of France!

QUAND/WHEN Lundi 13 juillet-dimanche 19 juillet, 2015 (7 jours/6 nuits)

OÙ/WHERE LuxYoga Villa, 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup

$2450 and up, depending on room selection

$500 deposit required. Reserve by contacting LUXYOGA here